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Biomutant: The best ranged weapon to use

Biomutant players can create a loadout that suits their playstyle, including a nightmare for in-game enemies.

There is a large list of long-range weapons that players can use as a Biomutant. This allows them to keep their distance and eliminate various monsters in the game without worrying that they will be harmed.

For those who have Biomutant lecterns with excellent range, getting the best rated weapon is a must. This means that finding Contagion Flurpskruckis should be a top priority for players.

Best rated weapon in Biomutant

Contagion Flurpskruckis

Image via THQ Nordic
Image via THQ Nordic

Contagion Flurpskruckis is the best weapon from the range found in Biomutant. When found, it is a massive 9-star pistol, known as the Ultimate Weapon, and deals devastating damage to VII.

The base damage it deals ranges from 391 to 521 with a 6% critical hit chance. It has high accuracy, medium range, medium rate of fire and slightly less than medium armor penetration capability.

Image via THQ Nordic
Image via THQ Nordic

The magazine size is very large with a base of 36. Magazine weapon mods can be added to this bio-mutant weapon to increase the size, allowing for more shots and more damage before reloading.

Another special ability that the Flurpskruckis infection has is the Cloud Rocket. Every fourth shot fires small missiles that automatically follow enemies, exploding on impact.

Karpo Gaming has a great video on YouTube that guides players on how to get the best ranked weapon in Biomutant. Players will have to travel a bit through the radiation zone.

Strap yourself into a radiation suit and fight your way through the zone. A boss battle is fought against a creature known as the Furty Bulbaplo. Once defeated, Biomutant players can loot his body.

Looting his body will yield the smokecasting vault key and start a side smokecasting operation. Follow the search marker to the vault, unlock it, break the glass case and the Contagion Flurpskruckis is there to take.

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