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Home » “Biggest waste of my 3 hours”: Sodapoppin provides his honest opinion of The Game Awards 2021

“Biggest waste of my 3 hours”: Sodapoppin provides his honest opinion of The Game Awards 2021

Chance “Sodapoppin” Morris wasn’t satisfied with The Game Awards presentation this year and made sure his audience got the message.

Saying it was “fucking bullshit,” the Twitch streamer thought it was a waste of his time and began “talking trash” about the show for about a minute. The humor stopped after a while and an overly sour tone interrupted the flow.

SodaPoppin came to the table after talking about the 2021 Game Awards.

During this year’s The Game Awards, Sodapoppin sat down with his audience to watch the entire show on his Twitch live broadcast. The show, which lasted about three hours, was a mix teaser and revealed new and upcoming games, game sequels and awards.

At first, he was willing to interrupt his series by simply “calming” his viewers, but he made sure to publish his final thoughts on the series before leaving:

“Listen, Game Awards, this is useless. This was the biggest waste of my three hours. I want my three hours back. I thought it was only going to take two hours.”

In addition to the show’s seemingly endless length, SodaPoppan was excited about the announced/teased games:

“I hate 90% of the crap that’s on screen. I don’t care about any of it. CB fucking a, everything. Uh, I don’t care about half of your trailers, they were garbage. Game I mean all your choices were trash, and the games in general were trash, like shit. You blame me…”

Sodapopan looked like he wanted to continue, but decided to finish then and there before continuing.

“Fine. I came out anyway. Yeah, no.”

However, before turning off the stream, he hit the table several times out of “frustration”. When you finish the stream, Soda Poppin was live for just under nine hours, three of which he watched at The Game Awards.

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