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Best Xinyan build for support and DPS role in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact players have many choices when it comes to character creation, and Zenian is no exception. As a flexible 4-star pyro character, this Liyue can bring a lot to the team in terms of rockstar support and significant DPS.

Xinyan builds are very simple, so players won’t have to worry too much about building this strong unit.

Here are the best Xinyan versions for support and DPS.

Best version for Xinyan in Genshin Impact

Xinyan Genshin Impact brings some unique attributes to the team, which no other character has. It provides a pyro elemental shield that blocks pyro damage better than any other shield, allowing for faster encounters with any pyro enemy.

It also provides a strong response to physical damage dealt to them, making it one of the few physical supports in the game. Players will definitely want to use Xinyan with any of his crafting styles.

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Support Xinyan.

(Photo by Mihoyo)
(Photo by Mihoyo)

An assisted Xinyan will also benefit from attacks provided by her shield and strong energy charge. Support for Xinyan will also provide a 15% refund for strong shields and physical damage such as Razor, Rosary or even Eula when released in Genshin Impact.

Players will want to use energy-giving weapons, such as Favonius’ big sword or Sacrificial big sword to maximize their energy gain. Xinyan will benefit from supporting the two-piece Retracing Bolide set as well as the two-piece Noblesse.

These artifacts will increase the power of his shield and the power of his penetrating elements.

Chief DPS Zainyan

(Photo by Mihoyo)
(Photo by Mihoyo)

Main DPS Xinyan provides a powerful character that focuses on physical damage, while providing pyro damage for elemental reactions. Genshin Impact players will want to use Snow-tombed Starsilver or Prototype Archaic to boost their physical damage if they want a multi-purpose build.

Players looking to build a big DPS Xinyan will want to have a Superconductivity source on their team to maximize damage from Xinyan’s Elemental Burst, as this burst deals a lot of physical damage.

Players will want to use a two-piece Bloodstained Chivalry set and choose between a two-piece Noblesse Oblige or a two-piece Gladiator finale.

Xinyan is a powerful character if built correctly. Genshin Impact players will definitely want to take advantage of this strong character if they get the chance.

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Posted on April 12, 2021, 12:02 AM IST


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