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Best Minecraft video settings for no lag in 2021

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Minecraft is all fun and games until the player falls behind and finds himself in a major disaster.

Lag has been blamed for countless problems with video games, and in Minecraft, even a second of lag can cause the death of a player. If the game gets left behind in a fight against an enemy mob, the battle will most likely not be a winner for the player.

Latency causes many problems in the game, but there are ways to prevent it.

Graphics usually slow down any video game, and luckily the visual settings in Minecraft can be easily adjusted. Here are some recommended video settings to get behind in Minecraft in 2021.

Best settings for minecraft without downtime

Image via Reddit
Image via Reddit

The main setting in Minecraft that will cause lag is the display distance. Games should reduce the display distance if they have frequent lag. The default display distance setting is 12 segments, but the game can easily be just as active when set to slightly less.

This may slightly interfere with distance vision, but by reducing the viewing distance, Minecraft players should be able to increase frequency during gameplay and fill their significantly smaller gaps.

There are other minor changes that can go a long way in reducing the backlog. This includes turning off small animations that are not always needed such as clouds, entity shadows and bobbing.

Minecraft players can minimize particles, and smooth lighting can be turned off or set to minimal. As for graphics settings, players should set them to something less than fantastic for maximum frame rates.

The popular OptiFine mod also helps Minecraft launch faster than usual. OptiFine can be easily downloaded into Minecraft Java Edition, and players will be able to experience Minecraft in a whole new way, even adding shaders or texture packs if desired.

Also, with Optifine, players won’t need to sacrifice some of the aforementioned graphics settings, as the mod works to make the game run smoother overall.

Those who play on PC will want to check the quality of their devices. Computers come with a wide range of video game playing options, and some are ideal for gaming, while others are not designed for it at all.

Those with smaller computers may need to change more video settings than others to avoid lag.

By using some or all of these settings, players should notice a significant improvement in thumbnail speed during Minecraft gameplay. Sometimes small settings can make all the difference.

For more ideas on settings, check out popular Minecraft YouTuber and streamer Dream’s custom keyboard settings.

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