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Apollonia Kotero celebrates Prince’s birthday and honors his memory

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“A lot of his ‘Purple Rain’ family, my cast, always thought he would live forever, so we’re still in disbelief,” he said. “We don’t deny it, but we still believe that he is no longer with us. Yes, the myth comes with us through songs and stories, but you know, physically he doesn’t pick up the phone, he calls me. Doesn’t call and he forces me to call Darya.

Kotero was the lead singer of Apollonia 6, a girl group that Prince reunited in 1983. As an actress and singer, Kotero led the group and also expressed her love in “Purple Rain”.

The couple was very convincing on screen. Cotero says he understands why people still believe they were a real-life couple, even though she was in a relationship with Van Halen leader David Lee Roth at the time.

“It’s because of our great chemistry in the movies. It was powerful,” she says of her and Prince in “Purple Rain.” “And because I didn’t go out with the gentleman I was dating at the time, David Lee Roth, in public.”

She says Prince asked her to keep her relationship with Ruth private at the time to keep fans focused on the love story they shared on “Purple Rain.” Although she and Kotero were never a couple, she said they have developed a close friendship over the years. Cotero introduced the singer to many of his Hollywood friends, including filmmaker Kenny Ortega.

Like many, Kotero was shocked and devastated by his passing, mostly because he now says he was in the process of “righting his wrongs” when he died.

“With someone like Prince and a lot of artists, being creative artists, they’re not hard-working entrepreneurs,” he said. “They trust administrators and lawyers and don’t sign contracts.”

According to Cotero, she had a hit with Prince, Sheila E. Wrote “The Glamorous Life” as well as “Manic Monday,” the chart-topper for the girl group The Bangles, but never received credit or compensation for it. .

And he says there are other artists who have found themselves in the same position as Prince.

“He always performed tunes and many times, many artists didn’t have credentials,” he said. “So what was Prince doing? [at the time he died] He was working diligently. He said, “They will charge you and you. [Apollonia 6] Members Susan [Moonsie] And Brenda. [Bennett] We will be paid from Apollonia 6, because we never knew we were going platinum. We never made money because of the problems with Warner. “

Prince famously resigned from Warner Records (formerly owned by CNN’s parent company) for control of his music.

CNN has reached out to representatives for Prince and Warner Records properties for comment.

Prince is being celebrated.

Nevertheless, the love of music is one of the things that strengthened her relationship with Prince.

Cotero said he sees artists like Janelle Monae, whom he mentored, Bruno Mars and the Avila brothers, helping him carry on his legacy.

Cotero also said that he believes that if…

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