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Home » Apex Legends Season 9: Top 5 locations with high-tier loot and quick rotations on World’s Edge

Apex Legends Season 9: Top 5 locations with high-tier loot and quick rotations on World’s Edge

Respawn Entertainment recently released an update for Apex Legends Season 9.

Apex Legends’ Worlds Edge is considered the most balanced map for competitive play. The map is finally back for the current season and players are enjoying it. Independent factions are inevitable in Apex Legends and players will want to land on the best locations to prepare before starting combat. The map is more open and with countless POIs, vaults, explosive walls and random parachute patterns, it’s easy to feel lost as you roam the edge of the world or try to find a good place to drop. are

Edge of the World from Apex Legends

In this article, we will discuss the best routes that World Edge should take if a player wants to purchase weapons and equipment for the battle that follows.

Top 5 locations with high tier booty and fast rotation at World’s Edge in Apex Legends


Skyhook is a part of the city that is awash in loot, and players looking to arm themselves can find supplies scattered throughout the various buildings. However, this is a popular landing site, so be prepared to clear buildings quickly and fight. If a player plays a defensive role like Caustic or Watson, it will be useful to fight early in this area in Apex Legends. Players can easily move to the center whenever needed.

Sky hook
Sky hook

#4 – Train Yard

The train yard is located west of Fragments East and West in Apex Legends, near the center of the map. As the name suggests, this area has many wagons in which the prey can be hooked and collected. The POI is full of loot, making it a prime destination. A high level of hunting can be obtained from there. The train also stops here. They also have several vehicles suspended in the air for sniping. Players can easily switch to countdown when needed.

Train yard
Train yard

#3 – Center

As the name suggests, Epicenter is a dead-end map in Apex Legends. The epicenter is a large drilling tower that was the source of the “disintegration” accident that caused World’s Edge to be abandoned. Its frozen central tower can easily be seen across the hill valley. A lot of high altitude hunting is available at this point and it is one of the best starting points for the waterfall. If one of the teammates lands in the tower and takes the hill, the other members can easily break the enemies. There are a lot of blankets available and this is one of the easiest places to fight if the player knows the terrain well.

A survey camp, a refinery, one piece west and one piece east are very easy to get to, as the epicenter was located in the middle of all these areas.

The center
The center

#2 – Geysers

Geyser There is a small object in the east of the map called the Geyser, which can be used as a jumping tower, located in the middle. It is located south of the underpass, east of the ridge and sorting factory, and north of Lava Town. Its serpentine corridors also have a lot of…

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