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Home » AOC Calls McCarthy the Leader of the ‘Ku Klux Klan Caucus’

AOC Calls McCarthy the Leader of the ‘Ku Klux Klan Caucus’

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said the representative. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) called House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) the leader of the “Ku Klux Klan caucus” because they believe the measures he has taken are not enough. . Violent targeting of women of color in Congress.

In a tweet Wednesday, Ocasio-Cortez wrote, “People really don’t understand the scale, the magnitude, [and] Volume risk targeting [Ilhan Omar]. “

“Kevin McCarthy is so desperate to be a spokesman that he’s working with his Ku Klux Klan caucus. [and] Allow members of Congress to be targeted violently. It cannot be ignored,” he continued.

Finally, Congresswoman from New York wrote“It’s not just about nasty phone calls and emails. The GOP has been given the freedom to act without consequence. They don’t have to pay for the security their actions require—we do. They do.” Earn money here.”

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“They target people who are least likely to be protected by the institution in the first place,” he added.

He shared a video playing with Omar’s death threats after a video showed Rep. Lauren Bobert (R-Colo.) saying he was a terrorist.

In a statement, McCarthy confronted the video, saying, “I spoke with Congresswoman Lauren Bobert today.”

“He apologized for what he said and approached Congresswoman Omar for a meeting next week,” he added.

A call was set up between the two congresswomen, but it didn’t go well.

Boibert said Omar offered a public apology during the call and left the call after pressuring the Minnesota congresswoman to “publicly apologize to the American people for her anti-American, anti-Semitic, anti-police rhetoric.” “

In a statement, Omar said he dropped the call because “Bobert refused to publicly acknowledge his hurtful and dangerous comments” and “instead doubled down on his rhetoric.”

No action had been taken against Bobert as of Wednesday morning.

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