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Home » Anker 637 Magnetic Charging Station (MagGo) review: Thunder ball

Anker 637 Magnetic Charging Station (MagGo) review: Thunder ball

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It is difficult to list so many names related to anchors. Phone charging accessories. From spare batteries to wall chargers, the company is doing everything right. Anker now offers powerful charging units that support almost anything you can throw at your desk. This is our Anker 637 Magnetic Charging Station (MagGo) review, and it’s time to see how much power this ball packs.

What you need to know about the Anker 637 Magnetic Charging Station (MagGo).

Anker 637 Magnetic Charging Station for charging Galaxy S21 and Coros Pace 2

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  • Anker 637 Magnetic Charging Station (MagGo): $99.99

The 637 Magnetic Charging Station feels like someone at Anker thought about how much can fit into a charger. It’s about the size of a softball (specifically 112 x 110 x 103mm) and has plenty of ports to choose from. Anker tapped two USB-A ports, two USB-C ports and three AC outlets to connect to a magnetic charging pad on the front. The latter uses the MagGo branding. Anker’s various magnetic devices to charge Apple’s Magsafe latest iPhones.

The magnetic charging station itself is plastic and must be grounded and have a protective shield. Anker opted for an angled wall plug to make it easier to install the charger whenever needed. There is also a side-mounted LED indicator to show the charging status of the device. Solid blue means it’s charging, but blinking blue means there’s a problem.

From ports to wall plugs, every detail is designed to give you the ultimate charging experience.

Anker’s USB-A port is up to 12W, and the USB-C option is capable of outputting up to 65W. Users with MagSafe-compatible Apple devices will enjoy up to 7.5W from the charging pad, and the AC outlet can handle larger devices like laptops.

Inside the box itself are the 637 magnetic charging stations and some basic paperwork. The Anker also includes hook-and-loop straps to organize the charging cable, but that’s it.

Want to grab your Anker MagGo hair? You can buy it directly from Anker or through third-party retailers, including Amazon.

what good?

The Anker 637 Magnetic Charging Station is charging the iPhone 12 Pro front.

Ryan Haynes / Android Permissions

If the devil is in the details, Ankar is playing with fire. The 637 Magnetic Charging Station includes all and some ports that consumers can request. You probably won’t need to charge 8 devices at once, but it’s nice to have the option. Anker also rearranged the AC outlets to avoid tangling other cables.

I’m a big fan of the overall design and it feels reminiscent of Amazon. Redesign Echo Speaker The spherical shape is large enough, but it won’t get in the way of your desk or small table. Small rubber pads anchor the floor and charging pad to prevent the charging station from moving and the wireless charging unit must stay in place.

The 637 Magnetic Charging Station offers superior speed with an attractive design.

The Anker 637 Magnetic Charging Station isn’t just a pretty face. It provides a stable overall charging speed, even when connected to multiple USB-C…

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