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Android Auto is finally gaining dual-SIM support

Google added dual SIM support. With the release of Android 10 on the 2019 Pixel phones, Android Auto announced support for multiple SIM cards. After a few months, it looks like the feature is finally coming to Android Auto users.

If your phone has a dual SIM card, when you use Android Auto, you’ll see an option to choose which SIM card to call. Previously this was not the case as Android defaulted to the default SIM to make auto calls. The launch seems to have been phased out by Google with Reddit users. who first discovered the feature taken from app version 7.1.614554 as part of the beta program.

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For some users, the same version will appear as the release build of Android Auto in the Play Store. In any case, it’s only a matter of time before Android Auto supports dual SIM on your device. You can also check and install updates in the Android Auto app to see if it adds features.

Almost all major Android smartphones sold today have either two physical SIM card slots or eSIM support for dual SIM functionality. Given the popularity of Android Auto in recent years, it’s about time Google added this feature.

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