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Home » Android 12’s colorful wallpaper-based themes might extend to Gboard

Android 12’s colorful wallpaper-based themes might extend to Gboard

Gboard - Google Keyboard

If you want Android to offer extensive theme support, Android 12 will meet those expectations with flying colors (obviously). We are already theme system based on wallpaper of new Android 12 quick settings panel (probably Google Assistant), now Google has made Gboard fun.

Discovered by XDA members. RKBD (VI Misha Ulrman), the new test confirms that the keyboard matches the device wallpaper and theme of Android 12. From what you can gather in the video below, it is enabled by default and users do not need to adjust their settings. Automatically changes the theme to match the keyboard wallpaper.

Redesigned Quick Settings toggle (also found in recent leaks).

Currently, this feature only works on Pixel devices running Android 12, so if you don’t have an eligible device, don’t rush to use it. I don’t know if this test applies to the stable version of Android 12, but the recent mass release will make you hear more if you water it down. Google I/O

Its vast array of Gboard themes are already supported on iOS. No, it won’t automatically put on a color that matches your wallpaper, but you can manually adjust your current theme, even the color of your Glide typing trail.

Gboard - Google Keyboard
Gboard - Google Keyboard

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