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Android 12’s clipboard is taking steps to keep your copied text private

Android 12 may be the most extensive redesign in years, but we don’t hesitate to enhance user security. So much so that the new Privacy Dashboard maintains all current permissions. It appears in a single interface and both the microphone and camera can be completely disabled from any app on your phone. Google is also changing the way content is transferred between apps via the Clipboard so that a new notification message appears whenever an app accesses copied text.

System Clipboard As of Android 10, we have protection from background applications, but this latest mobile phone security update takes it a step further. When the foreground application reaches the copied data on the keyboard, you will get a new notification message showing both app names. This way, you will know immediately what happens when a malicious app tries to copy data from your device. You can see a demo in the “What’s New in Android” keynote below.

If this new toast looks familiar, you’ve probably used your iPhone recently. iOS 14 last fall added a similar notification to the Clipboard to alert users whenever the application pasted text. It’s a smart and savvy way to focus on your customers, and it’s great to see Google giving users the same level of information as Apple.

The latest update to Google’s mobile OS also includes an app icon in the toast message to prevent users from being fooled by bogus alerts. Another way to improve mobile security and privacy on Android.

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