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Home » Android 12’s app switcher now has a boring opaque background

Android 12’s app switcher now has a boring opaque background

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Theme Android 12, a whole new way to customize your phone. Unfortunately, there are some places where Google seems to have lumped everything together into one visual element. In Android 12 Beta 2, the Recent Apps page replaced the wallpaper with a new solid wallpaper. I’m using Monet to get the colors from my wallpaper.

In beta 1, the background of the phone recently added color to the screen, not to mention most other Android versions. In the latest beta, this feature is completely gone and replaced by an opaque off-white shade that fades in/out when the app is loaded. Like the rest of the new interface, colorful touches are removed from the device’s wallpaper, but the interface no longer appears to float above the home screen. Instead, it looks like a new page, independent of other apps and widgets.

left: Android 12 Beta 1. middle, Rights: Android 12 Beta 2.

Each card in this menu has rounded corners (YMMV as some commenters don’t), but the rest of the recent apps show ‘Screenshot’ and ‘Choose’ options and app icons. At the top of the page – unchanged from beta 1. The emphasis on separation between recently opened apps and the home screen marks a major departure from Android 12. This is something to adjust when a stable version is released after some time. month

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