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Android 12 for Google Pixel 2 series is here, but unofficially and with caveats

Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL.


  • Now you have unofficial Google Pixel 2 Android 12 ROM.
  • Unfortunately, ROMs do not have specific security features, so you are responsible for installing them.
  • At the time of posting, the ROM for the base Pixel 2 version is still not available.

If you have a Pixel phone 3rd gen and above, you may already have Android 12 installed. But what if you own an OG Pixel or Pixel 2 series device? Unfortunately, Google no longer supports phones with Android upgrades, so you’re out of luck.

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Of course, just because Google isn’t releasing an official version of Android 12 doesn’t mean you can’t get it. Today, you can install the first unofficial Google Pixel 2 Android 12 ROM (via XDA Developer). It should be noted that at the time this article was published, the Google Pixel 2 XL is supported, but the native Pixel 2 is coming soon.

Like most other custom ROMs, this is a community effort within the ProtonAOSP project. This project has been well received in the flashing community and so far most of the users have installed Google Pixel 2 Android 12 build with great success. This means you should install it at your own risk.

But keep in mind that there are two things you cannot get with this ROM. First up is encryption support, which can be a concern for many. The second is that SELinux is set to permissive, which greatly reduces the security of the device.

Going beyond these limitations, if you have a Pixel 2 XL, you can: Click here to start installing this unofficial Android 12 ROM on a vanilla Pixel 2 as mentioned. The ROM for is not available yet, but click here to find it when it goes live. it starts

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