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Home » Android 12 Beta 2 gets new shortcuts for wallet and device controls

Android 12 Beta 2 gets new shortcuts for wallet and device controls

The latest beta release of Android 12, it takes some time to adopt all the changes. Edit Google Power Menu, Smart Home Control Panel and no easy access to Pay Account. Thankfully, these shortcuts haven’t been completely wiped out from Android. You just need to know where to look.

Beta 2 has several new ways to access and control your Google Pay account across all the devices in your home. After setting up a payment method on your phone, you can access your wallet shortcut from your lock screen. Tap the icon to load your card, and after your phone is unlocked, you can pay via NFC. You can also find a shortcut to the same NFC payment page in Quick Settings.

left: Shortcut to your wallet on the lock screen. the middle: Quick settings shortcut. Rights: Device Control.

If you’re mad at the lack of smart home controls in the redesigned Power menu, don’t worry. Google has a solution. Next to the Wallet shortcut in Quick Settings is a shortcut for ‘Device Control’, which provides a smart home control panel similar to the Power button in Android 11. Accessing it with a long press of power is a bit complicated. button, but at least not completely obsolete.

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