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Home » Analysis: Why the Wall Street Journal * should * never have published Donald Trump’s letter on the 2020 election

Analysis: Why the Wall Street Journal * should * never have published Donald Trump’s letter on the 2020 election

“Well, actually, the election was rigged, which unfortunately you haven’t found out about yet.” Trump captioned his comment, insisting – contrary to the facts – that he actually won the state of Pennsylvania.

Before we go any further, let’s review what happened in Pennsylvania in 2020.

And because of the closeness of that outcome, Trump made several efforts to involve the courts after the election. A federal judge dismissed Trump’s lawsuit in November 2020, writing: “One might expect that, when seeking such shocking results, a plaintiff armed with compelling legal arguments and overwhelming evidence of corruption It will come. It has not happened.” At the same time, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court rejected the Trump campaign’s attempt to stop the counting of some absentee ballots in certain areas, including Philadelphia.
On November 24, Pennsylvania certified the results to the state after all 67 counties had individually certified their results.

It’s just not there. Cap zero. Zilch.

Of course what the Wall Street Journal and its publishers know. (Sidebar: Trump’s letter was published in the “Opinion” section, separate from the end of news and publication reports.) And this knowledge corrupts their actions.

The journal’s opinion section may be hiding behind First Amendment free speech arguments in self-defense. But it fails, because our conversation is already connected in every way. You can’t shout “bomb” on an airplane. Or “Fire” in a movie theater. (Remember when we went to the movies? Yes, it was fun.)

By the same logic you cannot allow lies about the 2020 elections to be printed in a major national newspaper under the guise of freedom of speech. There is absolutely no evidence that anything Trump wrote in the letter is true. (He appears to have been a large part of a group known as the PA Vote Audit, which promotes a series of false theories about the Pennsylvania vote count.) And by giving Trump such a prominent position, You are giving some credence to what we know. Wild, faceless conspiracy theories.

So why did the diary do this?

Well, his opinion piece has long been quite conservative. And saying “no” to a letter from a former president of the United States isn’t the easiest thing in the world. Also, the letter will surely be a great traffic engine for the magazine’s website. It is currently the third most popular opinion on the site and has spent the first few hours after being posted in the number one slot.

None of these reasons, however, are sufficient to justify the publication of Trump’s lie-filled letter, which will continue to fuel misunderstandings among his loyal supporters who stole his 2020 election. was Especially since we get to see what all these lies can produce on January 6th.


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