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Analysis: Paul Gosar has a long history of controversy

It’s the most high-profile incident involving Gosser, though, and one that could cost him his seats on the House Oversight and Reform Committee and the House Natural Resources Committee: He’s just as far away as Gosser has been during his tenure. You have attracted negative attention towards yourself. Decade in Congress
* After the concentration of white supremacy and violence in Charlottesville, Virginia in the summer of 2017, Gosser suggested that the meeting was actually “created by the left” and organized by “Obama supporters.” was He also suggested that liberal billionaire George Soros had something to do with financing the neo-Nazi demonstration. “You know George Soros is one of those people who really helps these people,” Gosser told Voice News.
* The day after Arizona Sen. John McCain was diagnosed with brain cancer, Gosser’s chief of staff sent a text message to Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey’s lawyer expressing the congressman’s interest in running for the seat. went. “To anyone who uses the rumor as an opportunity to speculate or support it: Washington, D.C.’s obsession with it when there is no issue to debate is shameful.” The governor’s spokesman said.
* When several Democrats announced their plans to bring “Dreamers” (children of undocumented immigrants born in the U.S.) to then-President Donald Trump’s 2018 State of the Union speech, Gosser said he Also asked Attorney General Jeff Sessions. As the Capitol Police “consider checking identification . . . and arresting illegal aliens present.”
* In a 2018 congressional hearing with former FBI agent Peter Strzok, Gosser told the witness: “I noticed this morning, well, I’m a dentist. I read body language very well.
* In 2018, six of Gosser’s nine brothers appeared in his Democratic opponent’s announcements. “Paul doesn’t work for his district at all,” one of his brothers said in the ad. In response, Gosser offered this: “These angry Hillary (sic) supporters are blood relatives of mine, but like the left everywhere, they put political ideology before family. Lenin, Mao and Kim Jung. (sic) one would be proud.”
* In September, Gosser, who has been a staunch supporter of Trump’s lie that the 2020 election was stolen, called for a new call for the 2020 presidential election in Arizona. “My suggestion is that we have some hearings and review it and schedule a new election for Biden and Trump before the end of the year,” he said.

There are more, but you get the idea.

While House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy did not publicly condemn Gosser’s decision to post the photoshopped video, the Arizona Republican’s penchant for controversy, and his willingness to play nice with party leaders, has cost him in the past. Is. Gosser was overlooked for the first spot on the Oversight Committee in June 2020, despite being the committee’s top Republican. the same thing…

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