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AMC Theatres, in a shift, rolls out $25 million ad campaign starring Nicole Kidman

Hollywood changes streaming script to overwrite star salaries
This is the tagline of AMC Theaters’ cancellation. The world’s largest movie theater chain has a $25 million national advertising campaign on Wednesday, focused on a $25 million national advertising campaign on Wednesday that hopes to draw audiences back to movie events.

This is an unusual move in that a movie theater usually does not display outside of its theaters. But theater companies rely on students to buy their films, which then bring in huge numbers.

In fact, AMC says “this is the first multimedia campaign in AMC’s 101-year history” and perhaps the first in American cinema.

Glitter is new for Nicole Kidman. AMC (AMC) Theaters like dark lights and projectors

“We got to this place of magic,” Kidman said in the ad. “We went to AMC theaters to love, to cry, to get what we needed. All.”

The company said Wednesday that its 60-second ad, as well as its shorter version, will run online in 600 U.S. theaters, and on Sunday “on multiple high-profile platforms around the world, notably television.” will be run over the network. in the United States of America.”

“Through all the world’s changing times, through prosperity and depression … movie theaters remain an important cultural fabric of our societies around the world,” AMC President and CEO Adam Aaron said in a statement Wednesday.

AMC and other movie theaters have been around for years in recent years.

For decades, movie theaters have been a staple of American culture. But theaters have recently caught up with the streaming world, spending time and money.

Hollywood changes streaming script to overwrite star salaries
The rise of streaming has undermined traditional Hollywood students Disney (Dis) Create streaming services and compete to release more movies online. Netflix (NFLX). Theater chains like AMC have tried to compete, but have been particularly hard hit by the pandemic, which has closed theaters for months and disrupted crowds.

The AMC campaign not only tells viewers to return to the film, nor does it describe Sanbar’s life in a tumultuous time, but also portrays the fact that watching cinema on the big screen is at home. Different from seeing. Which messages will have the desired effect on the message? Only time will tell, but theatergoers will have a lot of fun with it next weekend.

The astonishing “Shang-Ci and The Legend of the Ten Rings” opened to $94 million in North America – a reminder of the Labor Day weekend and one of the biggest pandemics of all time. The film, which has grossed just over $157 million, has sparked expectations among theater owners that the rest of the year could bring back some of its business.


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