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Home » Amazon Echo Frames review: About as useful as an Echo Dot taped to your forehead

Amazon Echo Frames review: About as useful as an Echo Dot taped to your forehead

Amazon’s Alexa has been applied to basically anything imaginable, from smoke detectors to toilets. Obviously, the goal was to move Alexa to as many places as possible, so putting Alexa on glass seemed like the next logical step. Amazon Echo Frames bring Alexa a lot closer and make it easier to access if you put it on your face. The Amazon Echo Frames are great, but they lack the audio quality you’d expect from $250 earbuds, and the easy access to Alexa isn’t quite enough.

Design, hardware and components

Amazon Echo Frames have a very classic design. People won’t even realize you’re wearing smart glasses. Available in one size and style in three colors: Classic Black, Horizon Blue, and Modern Turtle. Amazon sent me a classic black model that looks great and runs great.

The Echo Frame has two buttons under the right temple: a volume rocker and an action button. Action buttons are used to turn the glasses on and off, along with controlling custom shortcuts. Double-tap to turn off the glass microphone to protect privacy. There’s a touchpad on the right temple that activates Alexa to read notifications, access Google Assistant, and more.

The Eco-frame is made of plastic, carbon fiber and titanium. what is the meaning of this? I’m not sure, but it’s strong and lightweight. I don’t usually wear glasses, but I find these incredibly comfortable. The included clear plastic lenses may damage your eyes after prolonged use, but prescription lenses will not. Amazon also doesn’t include extra lenses in the box, like sunglasses or blue light lenses, unlike the Razer Anzu smart glasses that come with both.

The EcoFrame box contains the carrying case, charger, power brick and the glasses themselves. The case is used to store glasses. Unfortunately, fitting glasses, charging devices and cables into the case isn’t easy. When it starts to rejoin, traveling can be a bit messy.

Sound quality, functionality and battery

The biggest issue with the Echo Frame is the poor sound quality. Everything seems flat and honest. cheap. I expect to get this kind of sound on a $30 Bluetooth earbud, not a $250 wearable. It sounds too short and I don’t think I want to listen to it much longer than I would like to have a conversation with Alexa. As far as I know, the music came out.

Audio quality is good when you talk to Alexa and answer the phone. In such a situation, you will not be able to feel the sound which is not impressive. When it comes to microphone quality, it’s good enough for phone and video calls, but nothing else.

These are Amazon Echo Frames, so they support hands-free access to Amazon Alexa. You can say “Alexa” and ask other Amazon Echo devices a question. I’m not a big fan of Alexa and have had some issues connecting to my smart lights. Echo Frames support Apple’s Siri and Google Assistant via paired devices, but not hands-free access.

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