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Home » Allay wins Minecraft Live Mob Vote 2021, expected to be added to the game soon

Allay wins Minecraft Live Mob Vote 2021, expected to be added to the game soon

Every year during the Minecraft Live event, Mogen developers give the Minecraft community the opportunity to choose a mafia to implement into the game. It’s called Minecraft Mob Vote, a long-awaited feature of Minecraft Live.

This year, the 2021 mafia options during the mafia vote were Glare, Allay and Copper Golem. After a heated vote, Ale won.

Minecraft Mob Vote Results 2021

The Minecraft Mine Vote on Twitter was split into two separate polls. The first survey covered all three potential mafias. The two largest voting mafias in the first poll went into the second phase of voting.

Mafia voting is open! It’s time to choose your favorite: Glitter, Gold or Copper Golem! Give feedback now!

Glare didn’t come close to the mafia’s dedicated commitment to Vote Ale and Copper Golem. The glare was later removed from the voting circle, losing its chance to be in the game.

In the second round, Ale and Copper Golem had a tough fight.

Third is the glare, we guess you’re not as afraid of the dark as we are? So Ale and Copper Golem go head-to-head in the final round! Vote for your winner now!

It was a close race of 45% for the Copper Golem and 54% for the tool – a nearly even split. However, Alle eventually received the most votes and was declared the winner of the 2021 Mafia Votes.

What is Allay in Minecraft?

Elle in Minecraft (Image via Twitter)
Elle in Minecraft (Image via Twitter)

Ale will take items from the player and return more of them in return. For example, if a player gives Ale a carrot, Ale will find as many carrots as possible nearby and provide everything to the player.

It is important that these mobsters love music, and they will also be attracted to notepads.

When will ale be added to minecraft?

Minecraft 1.19: The Wild Update (Image via Mojing)
Minecraft 1.19: The Wild Update (Image via Mojing)

The tool will be officially added to Minecraft in 2022 with the 1.19 update, officially announced as The Wild Update. This update will also apply a major update to the Swamp Biome, the long-awaited mini-boss, the manager and the brand new frog.

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