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Home » Actor Nick Searcy on Jan 6: FBI’s Use of Armored Vehicles to Arrest Protesters in Homes Is ‘Terror Campaign’

Actor Nick Searcy on Jan 6: FBI’s Use of Armored Vehicles to Arrest Protesters in Homes Is ‘Terror Campaign’

Actor Nick Searcy, a producer of the new documentary “Capital Punishment,” said the FBI is using “terror tactics” against American citizens who took part in the Jan. 6 protests. Can send a message. And the wider area: Don’t speak against the government.

Searcy, who appeared Thursday on the popular Christian commentary show “Flashpoint,” was in Washington, D.C., on Jan. 6.

“Why are they lying to us?” he thought. “Why don’t they show all the people I saw praying and pledging allegiance and singing ‘The Star Spangled Banner’? Why were they the only broken windows in the Capitol?

A misrepresentation of what most people in Washington would do that day inspired Searcy’s “Pension of the Capitol,” which is now available to stream.

“It’s also become a movie about what the FBI and the Department of Justice are doing to those patriotic, loyal Americans who have never been arrested for anything, who go to Washington on January 6th to make their voices heard. ” said Cersei.

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Actor Nick Cersei on Jan. 6: FBI’s use of armored vehicles to arrest House protesters is ‘campaign of terror’

“Flashpoint” host Jane Bailey showed a clip from the documentary featuring Derek Kinnison, who was charged with crimes related to the Jan. 6 protests.

A California resident reported that at 6:02 a.m. on Feb. 19, a BearCat tactical vehicle drove into his neighborhood with armored FBI agents.

A loudspeaker then announced that the FBI had a search warrant for the house and ordered the occupants to raise their hands and leave immediately.

Do you think the FBI used terrorist tactics against protesters on January 6?

Kinnison, in “Capitol Punishment”, said he did not even enter the Capitol building that day, but was on the Capitol grounds.

Perfect says he was on the upper west roof of the Capitol building, according to USA Today. They were charged with trespassing on grounds, conspiracy and obstructing an official hearing and tampering with documents or proceedings.

Regarding the extensive display of FBI force at the time of the arrest, Searcy pointed out that Kinnison had no criminal history.

“You’d expect them to call,” Cersei said. “Call him on the phone and say, ‘We want to talk to you.’ Right? But no, they mean it, because they’re trying to scare.”

“By driving these armored vehicles and all the members of this SWAT team into small neighborhoods, they’re not only scaring Derek and his family, they’re sending a message to his community, to all his neighbors. They “This is a dangerous person here,” he added.


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Searcy defended that the Feds were “deliberately insulting those who dared to disagree with him…

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