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Home » A Tucson police officer shot dead after shooting a man in a wheelchair, according to officials

A Tucson police officer shot dead after shooting a man in a wheelchair, according to officials

Video released by the Tucson Police Department shows portions of the fatal showdown between Officer Ryan Remington and a wheelchair-bound man, identified by police as 61-year-old Richard Lee Richards.

The video shows a combination of three camera views of Monday’s event: a Walmart car park security camera, a police corps camera and a Lowe’s security camera. Two videos show the fatal shooting of Richards as he walks away from officers in a Lowe’s parking lot. Portions of police radio communications are reproduced throughout the video clips.

Richards was accused of stealing a Walmart toolbox after an employee approached an off-duty Tucson police officer who was working a special job at the store, according to a statement from the Tucson Police Chief. Tucson, Chris Magnus.

Officer Remington, a four-year veteran in Tucson, joined the Walmart employee in the parking lot and chased Richards as he “tried to get his cooperation,” the police chief said in a statement.

“According to the employee, she found Mr. Richards running out of the store and asked to see the receipt from the toolbox. Instead of providing the receipt, Mr. Richards brandished a knife and said, “Here’s your receipt.”

Remington wanted Richards to stop and hand over his knife, Magnus said.

“Mr. Richards refused to comply and instead continued to drive through the Walmart and Lowe’s parking lots,” Magnus said.

According to the Walmart employee, Mr. Richards said, ‘If you want me to put the knife down, you’re going to have to shoot me.’

A second agent arrived at the scene to assist Remington.

Both officers were walking a short distance behind Richards when they were warned not to enter the store, the chief said.

The video shows Richards starting to walk into Lowes when Remington tells him, “Don’t go into the store, sir.” Seconds later, the officer begins firing at Richards, who sinks from his chair and falls to the ground.

Remington fired nine rounds, hitting the man in the back and side, according to Magnus.

“His use of deadly force in this incident is a clear violation of department policy and directly contradicts numerous aspects of our training in the use of force,” Magnus said. “As a result, the department terminated Officer Remington early this morning.”

CNN reached out to Remington but did not receive a response.

The police chief says the Pima County Attorney’s Office is investigating the incident.

A clip from Lowe’s security camera footage shows Richards lying on the ground shortly after being shot, with what appears to be an officer reaching up to his back to handcuff him.

According to Magnus, Remington was the only officer to draw his weapon.

The police chief said medical assistance was requested at the scene but Mr Richards was pronounced dead a short time later.

Magnus said Pima County will review the incident…

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