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A school district tried to address racism, a group of parents fought

What is critical generation theory and what is not.

Southlake is not a racist community. That was the consensus among many parents at Monday’s Carroll Independent School District school board meeting in Southlake.

The meeting followed the weekend’s city election, which saw a landslide victory for candidates who opposed the district plans. Two for school board, two for city council and a candidate for mayor won with nearly 70% of the vote.

The CAP website acknowledges that racism is a problem, but states that the plan is not a solution: “We say that real racism is still a global problem and, although it is rare in Southlake, we Denies that the current CCAP is a problem. Any solution to the problem of racism and in fact creates more racism, not less.”

“Critical race theory does not fit here,” says PAC.

At Monday’s school board meeting, many parents and community members echoed those positions as they referenced the winning results of the weekend’s election.

One man said, “Seventy percent of our community disagreed with the critical theory of races. “Seventy percent deny systemic racism in Carroll ISD.”

Although critical race theory is not specifically mentioned in this project, the area of ​​study has become an attraction for any type of race education. The original plan, however, focuses on cultural awareness, citing the district’s “increasingly diverse student population.”

Another speaker said that children’s education is over.

Southlake is a suburb of Dallas-Fort Worth. According to the city, 79% are white and the median income in the US Census Bureau is about $240,000.
After the weekend election, South Lake Families PAC wrote on Twitter“Critical career theory is not found here. This is what happens when good people stand up and say, not to my people, not to my watch.”
What is critical generation theory and what is not.

A few days later, the group expanded the position.

“CRT is a theoretical framework that views society as white supremacy and categorizes people as ‘privileged’ or ‘oppressed’ based on the color of their skin,” the group says. Is. Written on Monday. “It also teaches kids to hate America. Ask yourself, who would want that taught in public schools?

CNN sent an email to the group seeking further comment, but did not receive a response.

The whole situation—critical race theory, which emphasizes the common understanding of racial education—is part of a broader trend currently developing in the United States.

Last week, Idaho banned “critical race theory” or any racial education in its public schools, including public universities. Although the bill characterized the measure as banning the teaching that “any sex, race, ethnicity, religion, color, or national origin is inherently superior or inferior,” the bill’s proponents specifically criticized race. Criticized the theory and also claimed that students were being taught, as in Southlake.

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