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A Minneapolis police officer is charged with a fatal high-speed crash

The union representing Minneapolis police officers and the Minneapolis Police Department did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

The fatal crash has prompted Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey to begin a review of the city’s police harassment policy when it was first updated in 2019.

“The state is managing the investigation and our local government will cooperate fully to help ensure a transparent process,” Frey said. He said in a statement in July. “We updated the department’s research policy in 2019 to be more restrictive and will reevaluate the policy regardless of the research.”

“The violence our city is facing is a public health crisis, and we will continue to work to treat it as such, which means fair and equitable law enforcement and security beyond the police. “Solutions.” statement continued.

During a press conference Friday afternoon, Freeman said he has been “very concerned about the activity in this state for many years. The county attorney files charges and prosecutes cases. I don’t necessarily want police departments or other Formulate policy for institutions.

“But sometimes the policies are so badly done that I need to get involved,” Freeman continued. “I’ve tried to get involved, informally and behind the scenes, behind the scenes, to improve politics, but it hasn’t worked. So it’s time, in this case, that’s just as obvious. As far as I’ve seen, something to do in respect, and I did.”

Civil rights attorney Ben Crump and attorney Jeff Storms, who represent the Frazier family, released a statement Friday saying they were “grateful for the charges against Brian Cummings.”

“No innocent citizen should lose his life due to unjustified high-speed persecution in residential areas,” the statement said. “This case highlights the lengths to which we must go in our pursuit of a safer and fairer police force in America. Rapid-torture policies must be better developed and implemented in Minneapolis and across America. .who are working hard to protect innocent citizens.”

Cummings, 37, was responding to a report of a vehicle theft in north Minneapolis on the morning of July 6 when he saw a black Kia Sportage matching the description of a vehicle “suspected of being involved in a theft. Companies, ” The complaint says.

According to the complaint, the officer attempted a traffic stop, but the Kia sped off and a chase ensued. According to the criminal complaint filed Thursday, Cummings chased the squad car for more than 20 blocks, including through residential neighborhoods, with its sirens and lights on.

According to the criminal complaint, Cummings was driving approximately 90 mph when he approached an intersection in a 25 mph speed limit zone. Frazier, who had a green light, entered the intersection with his Jeep and saw “a partially blocked view of southbound traffic.”

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