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A guide to using Axl Low in Guilty Gear Strive

Axl Low is an entry zoner Guilty Gear Strive, and just as Potemkin is a unique type of catcher, Axl is a very unique interpretation of the zoner archetype. The Axl Low is designed for players who enjoy the comfort of keeping their opponents at bay while dominating them in Guilty Gear Strive.

The zone does not use projectiles on opponents. Instead, he relies on his chains, an incredibly large whip-like weapon. This unique weapon allows Axl to be prepared for a variety of situations.

This guide will explain how to use Axel Low in Guilty Gear Strive, his kit, moves and game plan. Primary and common paths will not be explained, so be sure to read the other guides as well.

Guilty Gear Strive: A Guide to Using Axl Low

Keeping the enemy away and running away from the attack

Axl doesn’t have unique movement options that would help him escape from enemies or perhaps take them down in Guilty Gear Strive. Instead, he should focus on keeping the opponent at bay with his extremely long routine.

2S, 2H and its K are extremely reliable for normal poker and prevent opponents from closing. It also has two specials specifically designed to keep opponents at bay:

  • Rain water [214S]
  • slowed down [214H]

When Axl performs Snail, he swings his scythe in a circular motion, not allowing any enemies to exceed the range of the attack. It can be performed either in the air or on the ground, allowing it to crawl anywhere on the screen like a snail. However, the main weakness of this move is that it is possible for the opponent to pass the rim to completely avoid it and get a counter.

Galety Gear Strive’s main escape feature is rainwater, as it forces Axel to jump back from his current position, while at the same time forcing him to swing his sickle down to hit an opponent in the head. This can be used to avoid enemy insults and receive a counter attack.

Variations in ExcelKit and ScaleFlash

Axl has three other specials that make him guilty in Guilty Gear Strive:

  • Winter months [41236H]
  • Axel Bomber [j.623H]
  • Skull Flash [4(6)S]
Excel command list (image via ArcSystemWorks)

Winter Mantis is a long-range command that pulls an opponent towards Axl and can be used to punish opponents who freeze due to his attack. At the right range, Axl can conjure up Winters.

Axl Bomber, Axl’s only melee special in Guilty Gear Strive, is basically a dragon punch that can only be performed in the air. It’s a decent anti-aircraft tool, but is mainly used to fill out combos.

Skull Flash

Axl’s main tool for combining and dealing damage in Guilty Gear Strive is a long-range attack called Sickle Flash. This move can be easily verified by his slash attacks and can be recognized by performing a few entries while active. Here are the different ways to differentiate skull flash:

  • Rising chain strike [4(6)S-8]
  • Spinning chain strike [4(6)S-2]
  • Winter cherry [4(6)S-S]

Soaring Chain Strike can be used to lure opponents towards Axl if Sickle Flash hits them or hits someone.

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