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Home » 8-year-old boy had numerous scars ‘indicative of belt whippings’ 3 weeks before death, report says

8-year-old boy had numerous scars ‘indicative of belt whippings’ 3 weeks before death, report says

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HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) – A newly released report reveals what happened when the state reported abuse three times before the age of 8 weeks, middle Keyontae Holzendorf died of “horrendous” injuries at a hotel. was found.

A child fatality report released Thursday by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services includes information about the boy’s death that occurred on March 23 from contact with him and that the department was beginning on February 28.

Her mother, Kayla Holzendorf, and her common-law husband, Gene Dominique, are charged with injury and molestation of a child, and bond.

It was in late February when a stranger in a grocery store outside of Houston found Quentai acting suspiciously. I see in it when talking about the police took to Houston. And now the disturbing images.

Watch Parents of 8-year-old boy charged in connection with death

CPS was cited in the report, however, something has been taken away.

According to the state report, Keyontae fell off the bike with his mother, but his injuries do not fit that description.

Medical personnel at the time observed that “numerous bruises” on his back were “indicative of belt whipping.” The ex-boyfriend’s mother reported her complaints. Unfortunately, denying that they did not confirm the abuse. Information given to mental services, and violence in the family.

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“This is a case where we had a child who was abused and because the investigation wasn’t enough, they actually try to reunify the child,” said Dr. Bob Sanborn, CEO/President. It’s called Risk in Children. “Can you imagine? It’s a little kid’s hell. And what it reads, it’s related to the reputation of the worst case, and television, you’re for it, is it deserted.” “

In fact, “Cloud” from Kayla, whose boyfriend’s name was mentioned earlier, was still in the picture. Investigators believe he and Lewis moved the body to the bathtub at the Hotel Conti, which had previously reported the drowning. His servant’s reputation, and this caused numerous injuries to the head, he said, neck, stomach and hands and feet. His bare ankles were bound with duct tape and he walked away in a hand-me-down.

Victimized public indifference confirmed the physical abuse.

“DFPS investigation into lying death of Countie Holzendorf. The department does not handle separate cases dealing with internal reviews, but those that are public records! According to ABC13, Melissa Lanford Center was the DFPS artist.

Sanborn said the system failed, and the county hopes for justice.

“It’s scary. It’s a little kid, I got a chance.

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