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5 recognizable vehicles that belong to GTA protagonists

Most GTA protagonists have a personal vehicle of their choice, often related to their personality.

There are two skills that are key to the GTA experience – shooting and driving. However, being good with weapons is not enough.

Players also have to travel from one place to another which is facilitated by a personal vehicle. It definitely saves time in avoiding car theft and police attention.

Although players have the freedom to choose which vehicle they want, they are special with strong attachments to the main character. GTA 5 stands out in particular. All three playable characters have their own personal vehicle. Even if they lose it, the vehicles will revive later.

Five cult vehicles from GTA Players Characters

#5 – CJ’s Bike

Here it is again (image via lmaogre from Gameplay Tips)
Here it is again (image via lmaogre from Gameplay Tips)

Although this vehicle was not chosen for Carl Johnson, he uses it regularly at the beginning of GTA San Andreas. In the first mission (in the beginning), CJ was left behind in Bellas territory.

To get back to Grove Street, he stole a bicycle from nearby and took off. This is the first time in the GTA series that players can ride a bicycle.

The OG members of the Grove Street family use these bikes many times during missions. A memorable case is when they have to avoid Ballas while driving, and it remains one of the best images of GTA San Andreas.

GTA 5 asks CJ to ride a bike through a hood safari mission, where the sight looks like a hidden secret. Not surprisingly, CJ is often associated with it, given that he was the first GTA protagonist to try it.

Cycles allow players to perform neat tricks, which are followed on the game menu screen.

#4 – Johnny’s Wizard

Johnny Klebitz with his most prized treasure (Image via Rockstar Games)
Johnny Klebitz with his most prized treasure (Image via Rockstar Games)

Motorcycles are nothing without your bike. It represents freedom – in those few seconds on the road real problems disappear into the rearview mirror. Must be an extension of the motorcycle rider.

Hexer needs Johnny Klebitz, a member of Last MC.

Johnny’s favorite mode of transportation is this modern classic motorcycle. Given the prominent use of bicycles in Lost and Damned, GTA players can expect to use them frequently in missions.

The Hexer will be properly fixed in the parking lot of local clubs.

#3 – Trevor’s Bodhi

Trevor’s Most Trusted Vehicle (Image via GTA Wiki)

This mechanical pile of red rust belongs to Trevor Phillips. His bodhi is an outdoor vehicle that can traverse the sandy terrain of Blaine County.

The basic information shows that it was once a military vehicle which has now been converted into this. The license plate reads BETTY 32.

After completing a special mission (Hung Ten), Trevor will go to the barbecue with a teddy bear. That’s at least the difference between a child’s toy and a deranged serial killer. Mr. Raspberry will stay there until GTA players adjust the front…

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