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5 reasons why fans love Claude from GTA 3

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Claude doesn’t have much to say, but his supporters do. Consider one of the main reasons why GTA 3 works.

Rockstar Games had a home run with GTA 3. It was their first major attempt at an exploration game entirely with 3D graphics. Due to the game’s mission-based structure, they needed a silent protagonist who could listen to the characters’ instructions.

Claude and his lack of character allow GTA players to identify with him. At first glance, it doesn’t seem interesting compared to guys like Carl Johnson and Trevor Phillips.

However, those who have played GTA 3 understand the importance of this role.

Five Reasons GTA 3 Fans Love Claude

#5 – Claude never talks.

Claude speaks louder than words. Looking at previous entries in the GTA series, Rockstar has decided to make Claude a silent protagonist. This made it easier for GTA 3 players to feel like themselves.

It also made it easier for Rockstar to script one-sided dialogue.

Some GTA players like this method because it allows them to focus on the game rather than the story. For example, players running over pedestrians in GTA 4 would be unusual for Niko Bellich.

Claude doesn’t have to worry about that – he’s the player he wants to be.

Starting with Tommy Vercetti in GTA Vice City, Rockstar has changed this attitude in future installments. Player characters were now fully articulated with compelling personalities. The silent protagonist will not return in GTA 4 for Rockstar Multiplayer and GTA Online.

#4 – He truly represents what GTA is all about.

GTA combines action and adventure with bloody violence, adult themes and criminal escapism. Claude represents the “gameplay first, story second” mentality in GTA 3.

Most of the players want to blow up cars, run over pedestrians and avoid police in pursuit.

Claude is blank, while the GTA player is an artist and often paints his canvas blood red. The most important aspect of GTA 3 is the gaming. At the time, it was a novelty in mass damage in video games.

That’s what GTA is all about – exploring one’s chaotic nature.

#3 – Claude has just worked.

Regardless of the mission, Claude has the mental strength to overcome adversity. A notable example is when he has to fend off a suicide bomber attack in a parking lot. It is a terrible situation when he barely survives.

GTA 3 missions are notoriously difficult. Basically, this is the first time the development team has worked on a 3D mission.

Regardless, GTA players can take on merciless enemies and help Claude finally find his…

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