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5 of the most fun C.R.A.S.H. missions in GTA San Andreas

Frank Tenpenny and Eddie Pulaski make the various conflicts of GTA San Andreas even more memorable.

CRASH missions often involve CJ getting down and doing messy cleanup jobs. Tenpenny is a man with few allies and many enemies.

For this reason, he blackmails the Chief Justice to get rid of potential threats. Only at the end, when CJ finally gets rid of CRASH forever.

His presence is felt throughout the match. No matter where CJ goes, Tenpenny is right behind him. As a result, many crash missions await GTA players. More than a few of them are a lot of fun to play, especially if the goals are different from the norm.

Five fun crash missions for GTA San Andreas

#5 – Burning Desire

Tenpenny needs a Chief Justice to take care of a few gangsters. To do this, he goes to extremes by giving the CJ some explosive cocktails. GTA players must throw them through open windows. This is a dangerous area, so players should bring weapons and ammunition.

Once the houses start burning, the Chief Justice will call for help. It turns out that Dennis Robinson was trapped in a burning building. To save it, GTA players will have to act like firefighters as they go down the fire corridors.

They even have to be put out with fire extinguishers. This is a completely different mission than usual.

The meeting turns unexpectedly romantic when CJ takes his newfound girlfriend home. From then on, players can entertain it anytime they want.

#4 – Gray imports

Tenppeny once did something useful for Grove Street families. He orders the Chief Justice to break the deal between the Bellas and the local Russian gang. Weapons are being sold in the warehouse.

CJ will find himself in the immediate aftermath of the 90s action. GTA players will have to shoot every enemy in place.

The warehouse also provides fire, as well as the possibility to shoot the box at targets of course.

If GTA players are fast enough, they can eliminate the Russian boss before he even gets into his sports car. Otherwise, they would have to chase him across town.

#3 – 555 We recommend.

The Chief Justice strongly believes in the street code, which means there is no snitching. When Tenpenny tells him to set up someone to hold the drugs and call the police, CJ opposes the idea.

However, Tenpenny reveals that the target is the District Attorney (DA). The Chief Justice immediately accepted the mission.

To plant drugs, the CJ must act as a server. After gaining access to the vehicle, he sets yes to possess the drugs. GTA players should be careful not to damage the car when they take it out of the parking lot.

The Chief Justice then calls the V-Tip so that the police can arrest the prosecutor. This mission definitely encourages careful driving. …

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