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5 most divisive missions in GTA Vice City

Not all GTA Vice City missions are truly love or hate. Some missions share an infamous view of how players view them.

Whether one prefers GTA Vice City over other games or not, it’s important to admit that certain missions have a certain reputation. This may be due to political reasons (such as the treatment of certain ethnic groups) or the alleged difficulty of the mission.

GTA Vice City is a great game, and some players may like all the missions listed in this article. That’s fine, but it’s important to understand why there can be a divisive nature around some of these missions. Likewise, some players may hate all of these missions, but that’s just the nature of subjectivity.

What are the Division Missions in GTA Vice City?

#5 – In the beginning…

In the beginning... (Photo by Willzy, YouTube)
In the beginning… (Photo by Wilzi, YouTube)

This mission does not share GTA Vice City because of its difficulty. Instead, it alienates fans of Victor Vance, who have often speculated that the man killed in the drug trade is not him. Unfortunately for them, the man in the orange t-shirt was Victor Vance (as confirmed by Rockstar Games).

After GTA Vice City’s stories were released, some players began to admire Victor Vance and were disappointed to learn that he died an anticlimactic in GTA Vice City.

#4 – Public visitation

Publicity Tour (Image via GTA Wiki)
Publicity Tour (Image via GTA Wiki)

Whether the “Publicity Tour” will be a funny mission or a frustrating and repetitive mission depends on one’s experience in GTA Vice City. If the player ends easily on the first try or something, this mission will probably be remembered as a funny little diversion where Love Fist says some memorable one-liners.

However, for less skilled players, this mission is a nightmare. The mission is basically to keep Limo Lo Fist on the go at all times. There is also no alternative way to complete the mission. It’s just driving and waiting for Leo Fist to drop the bombs. Players may hear the same vocal lines over and over again to the point that they become downright annoying.

#3 – Dirty Lakin

Dirty Lakin
Dirty Luckins (Image via GTA Wiki)

In Dirty Luck, the players molest the Cubans at Aunt Paulette’s request to protect the Haitians. Killing another group in the GTA series is nothing new in general, but controversies over the racial treatment of both Cuba and Haiti cast such missions in a bad light. Tommy doesn’t just kill a random gang full of different people. It targets Cubans, who are not an imaginary group in the real world.

As to how divided such a mission is, it depends on one’s interpretation of GTA Vice City’s treatment of Cuba and Haiti. If one sees this as a standard way of playing in which they kill gang members, it’s not a big deal. Alternatively, if one views this as a targeted attack on a real-life group, then this is a serious problem.

#2 – Trojan Voodoo

Trojan Voodoo (Image via GTA Wiki)
Trojan Voodoo (Image via GTA…

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