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5 best Minecraft 1.17 Caves & Cliffs update pre-release seeds

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Choosing seeds for the new minecraft world can be the most difficult choice for a player.

The seed is important because it determines how Minecraft will generate the world, affecting the appearance of the arena, how long it takes players to find structures like strongholds, and how much certain mobs and materials will cost. are common.

The seed cannot be changed, which means the player must carefully decide which seed they want before filling the world.

With Cave and Rock update 1.17 coming out so quickly, pre-pick Minecraft players may be looking for some attributes that are hard to find when using random seeds.

This list includes the five best seeds that a player can use when creating a whole new world in Minecraft version 1.17 presets.

Minecraft 1.17 is a pre-release seed that players can use.

#5 – A huge, deep, new cave

Huge, Deep, New Cave (Image via Minecraft)

Seeds: -2340259456214783593

Important location: 362, -47, 388

In this badge discovered by Reddit user Felipe_Con, the new generation of caves that will be brought by the 1.17 Minecraft update can be seen in full force.

This large cave system even has multiple mines running through it, I hope this will make it a bit easier for players to find rare resources in this vast cave. Surviving in this cave can be difficult, so this badge should be reserved for experienced Minecraft players.

#4 – Peasant Mushrooms

Mushroom Farmer (Image via Minecraft)
Mushroom Farmer (Image via Minecraft)

Seeds: -7015717559011046116

Important location: 11840, 100, 14544

First found by Johannes-k, this Minecraft seed has two rare spawns right next to each other.

Minecraft villages often span their own island. However, that is exactly what is happening on this seed. Village Island is only a few blocks away from the Fungal Biome, the rarest biome in the entire game.

Mushroom biomes are ideal for life as there are no hostile mobs to spawn in. The island is inhabited by useful mushrooms that provide the player with food.

#3 – Ice Cold Cave

Freezing Cave (Image via Minecraft)
Freezing Cave (Image via Minecraft)

Seeds: 8773952936846401873

Important location: 1460, 1800

Most Minecraft players have probably never seen a frozen cave in Minecraft. This unique 1.17 seed creates a deep cave directly beneath the frozen marine life. Frozen oceans are rare biomes in which large icebergs spread out in the middle of the open ocean.

However, this seed adds to the rarity of this biome with a cave beneath which icebergs grow. This results in a spectacular and naturally frozen cave. Players who want to stay in this cave can choose a unique underground base with this frozen waterfall.

#2 – Journey to the center of Minecraft Earth.

Minecraft Journey to the Center of the Earth (Image via Minecraft)
Minecraft Journey to the Center of the Earth (Image via Minecraft)

Seeds: 349518308

Important location: 4101 -47 4126

The seed contains a cave with a large lava lake underneath. Unlike the frozen, icy cave in the upper reaches, this cave includes…

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