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5 best biomes to build a hidden base in Minecraft

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A hidden database is a great way to live secretly on a Minecraft server.

These houses often include redstone fountains that help keep the base sealed off and hidden from the rest of the Minecraft world. The best way to stay hidden on a Minecraft server is to fit in with the environment.

With so many biomes to choose from, it can be difficult to choose which location is best for a secret base. Here are some of the best biome options for creating hidden bases in Minecraft.

Top 5 Biomes for Hidden Minecraft Bases

5) – Forest

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

Jungle biomes are one of the most sought after biomes in Minecraft due to their rarity. They also make excellent options for an inconspicuous hidden base.

These biomes are quite busy in their design, which means that there are many elements within the biome that take up a lot of space. Jungle minecraft blocks are limited in color and are mostly green and brown in color. Because these organisms have so much going on inside them, the forest is an ideal place to hide.

Players can fit into their environment by building their base underground in a forest biome hidden by their favorite tree or a certain unsuspecting area.

4) The ocean

A hidden base can be difficult to build in marine organisms, but it can be the most effective in terms of stealth. Especially when you play on a server with other players, players are unlikely to suspect that someone lives in an ocean where they can easily drown.

This unique secret base will allow players to live a completely remote virtual life in Minecraft. They will interact with very few mafias here, and it is very unlikely that anyone will find a base.

3) Green Cave

Image via Windows Central
Image via Windows Central

Lush Caves is a brand new biome that will be officially integrated into Minecraft with the upcoming 1.18 update. These underground biomes will add a whole new feel and feel to the game.

Lush Caves as a new biome will allow players to bring more different vibes to their homes than ever before. What’s even more ideal about Lush Caves in terms of building a secret base is that the biome is mostly underground and probably already hidden.

Players can easily fill the existing area with their ideal base design.

2) Mountains

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

The Mountain Biome has many Minecraft players trying to build a secret base. Biomes are practically designed to have hidden bases within them.

Mountains provide excellent terrain for carving enclosed space into naturally formed blocks. Many mountain sides have depressions and small cave openings that players can claim as their own.

Or, players can go for a volcano feel by starting at the top of the mountain and digging down to the castle to build their hidden homes.

1) Above the bottom

Image via Reddit
Image via Reddit

While not technically a biome, it might be the perfect place for…

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