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34 Advent Calendars To Treat Yourself To This Season

What surprises are inside this advent calendar? Jewelry, trinkets, recipe cards, and keepsakes galore! Be sure to listen to Phoebe’s Christmas song every night when you open each door!

Promising review: “I think this calendar is fun and behind each door there is something to make you laugh and remind you of an event. I think it’s worth the price. The idea of ​​an advent calendar is to have a trinket or chocolate. Count down to Christmas by opening the doors together. The items behind the doors aren’t diamonds and pearls as some reviewers had hoped, but rather humorous and unique cards, pins and gift tags that made me laugh and put me in the holiday spirit, which we all need. The calendar itself is beautifully designed and I will likely use it again next year. Bottom line – if you’re a die-hard. Friends Friends then you will not be disappointed with this calendar and the mysterious things that await you behind every door. I’m sure it was worth the money.” -Horrible

Get it from Amazon for $25.24.

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