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3 worst Water Pokemon starters of all time

Most water starters are pretty strong choices in Pokemon games, but sometimes it’s really hard to justify using them over the other two.

In general, a water type is usually a good option to start the game. They’re weak to electric and grass, so they won’t fight too many gyms. Some have really great stats and abilities (mostly Greenland).

Still, there are some games where Water Starter has difficulty competing with other Pokemon.

These three water type starters are the worst.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the opinion of the author.

The 3 worst water pokes of all time

#3 – Pop

Image via Pokemon
Image via Pokemon

While there were certainly differing opinions when the Generation VII starters were announced, there were two popular fan leads: Roulette looked cool, and Poplio was weird. Once his Primerina evolution was discovered, his design started to make a bit more sense.

Premarina actually ended with a unique movement. Like Lapras, Primerina has learned most of the “singing” tricks (hyper voice, sparkling aria, singing, etc.).

If the Pokemon was lucky enough to have its own hidden ability, Liquid Voice, Hyper Voice would become a very powerful water-like move. Unfortunately for the players, it only had middling speed. He wasn’t overly reliable throughout the game, and Decidueye and Incineroar seemed to be used more often.

#2 – Oshawott

Image via Pokemon
Image via Pokemon

While Poplio will at least become a fairy type, Oshawott won’t get any extra knockback. Its evolution, Samorot, has just a very common stat schedule. Everything is decent, but nothing extraordinary. He also has the misfortune of having Special Attack as his highest stat (108), but a set of moves that are more physically oriented.

While it doesn’t compare well to other water-like starters, Oshawott has ways to make up for its shortcomings. He can learn a sword dance that makes his physical movements much more dangerous.

In fact, coaches are better off using this move with Aqua Tail and Super Power, rather than bothering with special attacks. Oshawott fans, however, will be happy to know that it will be one of the starters in the upcoming Pokémon Legend: Arceus.

#1 – Total

Image via Pokemon
Image via Pokemon

Totodel has several aspects that make it unique compared to other types of water. First, it lacks secondary typing like Oshawatt. His physical attack is great, but in his original game he couldn’t use the stat because he was filled with water. His mobile pool also consists of several weak attacks such as Bite and Ice Fang.

Starting with Generation IV, GameFreak gave Feraligatr enhanced moves like Crunch and Superpowers. Unfortunately for players, his best move in Dragon Dance can only be learned as an egg move.

This means that most coaches won’t take advantage of it unless they’re worried about a little growth. Totodile has bus…

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