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3 reasons why Josh Rosen could be the future of Atlanta Falcons after Matt Ryan’s retirement

It’s hard to believe, even though Matt Ryan’s retirement could be in the next five years. Like the Steelers and Patriots before them, the Falcons must be proactive in their efforts to find their quarterback of the future.

Did the Falcons make the right choice with Josh Rosen? Could he be the future of the franchise? Here are three reasons why Josh Rosen could be the future of the Atlanta Falcons after Matt Ryan.

#1 Josh Rosen has plenty of time to handle Matt Ryan.

While there’s no denying that Matt Ryan’s retirement is near, there’s still plenty of time for a replacement.

If the Falcons want to, they can sit Josh Rosen for four or five years. During that time, they were able to fix what he was doing wrong and adapt him for the opening role. Maybe in four or five years Rosen will be the first-round pick he was expected to be.

Basically, the Falcons could see the Green Bay Packers or New England Patriots try to do the same with Rosen with Aaron Rodgers and Jimmy Garoppolo.

#2 Josh Rosen has extensive experience in the NFL.

Josh Rosen already has plenty of fundamental experience in the NFL. He knows all the little things and requirements that guards need and is already at a basic level of comfort in solving tasks. When it comes to the fundamentals of playing in the NFL, Rosen is an expert. This makes it easier for him to focus on what really matters: football.

While starters typically have to learn every little aspect of the job, Rosen can focus on learning and perfecting the specific aspects of the job that make a good quarterback.

#3 Josh Rosen has Matt Ryan as his mentor.

Josh Rogen may have had about four years to learn from a successful industry veteran like Matt Ryan. Open access to a Super Bowl-winning and MVP-winning player could do wonders for Rosen. After years of mentoring, Rosen may be able to adopt the mindset that makes quarterbacks great.

When Ryan retires, he could stay in Rosen. However, it’s up to Rosen to take advantage of Ryan now and start making improvements so that when that day comes, he’ll be ready to take over.

Of course, there’s no guarantee that the Atlanta Falcons will see Josh Rosen as Matt Ryan’s successor. That’s why it’s important for Rosen to improve the Atlanta Falcons under Ryan to warm up to the idea.

If Rosen continues to improve and moves closer to starting status, the Falcons will have no choice but to give him a chance as a cheap, easy option rather than bringing up a rookie from scratch. .

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