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3 possible next opponents for Tyron Woodley after his loss to Jake Paul

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Tyron Woodley’s professional boxing debut wasn’t much better than his last four fights in the UFC as he lost a split decision to YouTuber-turned-boxer Jack Paul in his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio.

Woodley, who has been criticized for a lack of intent and desire during her last UFC run, has seen the same issues arise against Paul. Although he rocked the ‘problem child’ with a patented head kick in the fourth round and gained a conditioning advantage in the later stages of the fight, he merely had enough results for the judges to tip him off. were not created.

Woodley insisted that he had done enough to win the post-fight interview and discussed the possibility of a rematch. The former UFC welterweight champion may have many more opportunities to dance in the boxing ring.

Here are Tyron Woodley’s three possible next opponents after his loss to Jack Paul.

#3 Tyron Woodley vs. Oscar De La Hoya

American Century Championship - First Round
American Century Championship – First Round

Oscar De La Hoya was in the headlines before his return to boxing this year.

‘Golden Boy’ fights former UFC fighter Vitor Belfort on Sept. 11 in a California State Athletics Commission-sanctioned Trailer Fight Club fight. After fighting Belfort, De La Hoya could turn his attention to another former UFC fighter in Tyron Woodley.

After announcing his loss to Woodley’s friend and longtime training partner, Jack Paul, Ben Skrein insisted that ‘Chosen One’ wanted to fight De La Hoya. ‘Funky’ planted the seed for Paul’s fight against Woodley, and his words may once again ring true.

“I’d love for Tyrone to knock him out. Tyrone wants to fight Oscar De La Hoya, but I’d love for Tyrone to fight Jack Paul. He’s a much better boxer than me, so he’s my boyfriend. Ga,” said the screen.

Others, like Chael Sonnen, praised the situation. When De La Hoya’s potential return opponents were mentioned, Sonnen threw Woodley’s hat in the ring. Although it seems that this is not true, the meeting below cannot be ruled out.

#2 Tyron Woodley vs Jay Leon Love

Tyron Woodley has beef with Jack Paul.
Tyron Woodley has beef with coach Jack Paul J. Leon Lowe.

Tyron Woodley and Jack Paul boxing coach J’Leon Love have already crossed swords on several occasions.

Woodley was first in Paul’s locker room during his fight against Screen in April, and was seen in a heated argument with Love, who is also an opponent of the former UFC champion, at a party in February. Things also came to a head when Paul and Love decided to fake Woodley’s call before the on-screen fight.

Woodley recently discovered that Love turned down an offer to face MMA…

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