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Home » 2021 NBA Playoffs: Round 2 dates, schedule, match-ups, and predictions

2021 NBA Playoffs: Round 2 dates, schedule, match-ups, and predictions

The first round of the 2021 NBA playoffs is quickly winding down, and seven of the conference’s eight semifinalists have secured their seats. The Dallas Mavericks will be playing Game 6 against the LA Clippers in a highly enthralling series in which they currently lead 3-2. The winners of the series will take over the NBA Western Conference 1 holder Utah Jazz, who defeated the Memphis Grizzlies five games ago.

With the first conference semifinal matchup scheduled for June 6, we’re taking a look at the playoff schedule for Round 2, along with predictions for each series.

NBA 2021 Playoffs, Round 2: Schedule, Matches and Predictions

The biggest story to come out of the NBA playoffs in the 1st round was the defending champion LA Lakers getting knocked out by the Phoenix Suns 4-2.

In this article, we look at the conference semifinal schedule, although to date the NBA has released TV schedules for Game 1 for most games. The following matches are scheduled for the second round of playoffs:

Eastern Conference

Brooklyn Nets
Brooklyn Nets

Philadelphia 76ers (1) vs. Atlanta Hawks (5)

Match 1: Sunday, June 6 | Atlanta and Philadelphia, 1 ET, ABC


The Philadelphia 76ers are sweating on the fitness of their star and NBA MVP candidate Joel Embiid. The Atlanta Hawks were extremely impressive against the New York Knicks, and Trae Young had some magical performances. Regardless, the 76ers are favorites to win this one, especially if Embiid can stay in shape for most of the series.

Brooklyn Nets (2) vs Milwaukee Bucks (3)

Match 1: Saturday, June 5 | Milwaukee at Brooklyn, 7:30 ET, TNT

Match 2: Monday, June 7 | Milwaukee at Brooklyn, 7:30 ET, TNT


The Brooklyn Nets have three of the best offensive players in the league. The Milwaukee Bucks have the top three two-way players in the league. In what is expected to be a highly entertaining series, some of the best NBA stars will go head-to-head. The Brooklyn Nets are starting as favorites, although the Milwaukee Bucks also believe they can qualify for the conference finals this year.

Western Conference

Utah Jazz
Utah Jazz

Utah Jazz (1) vs. Los Angeles Clippers (4) / Dallas Mavericks (5)

Game 1: TBD LAC/DAL at Utah Date, TBD

The Utah Jazz have been flawless for most of the 2020-21 NBA season and are favorites to advance to the conference finals. Both the Mavericks and LA Clippers could present a serious challenge, as Luka Doncic has been playing some of his best basketball this season. Meanwhile, the LA Clippers are more adept on defense, but both teams will be second favorites against the Jazz.

Phoenix Suns (2)…

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