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19-Year-Old Wins School Board Seat in Landslide Victory Against Member Who Helped Ruin His Senior Year

In 1972, a man named Michael Moore became the youngest elected official in the country’s history.

A few months after the enactment of the 26th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which gave 18-year-olds the right to vote (and hold office), Moore took the podium at that young age for the Flint, Michigan, school board. But won a seat. Dismissal of Principal. Seventeen years later, his first film — the agitprop anti-capitalist documentary “Roger and Me” — has become a Hollywood darling and Moore has been a political celebrity ever since.

If that kind of career path could open for Moore with the displeasure of a youth school board — with his questionable ethics and questionable reason for running in the first place — just imagine what was possible for Nicholas Sappi.

Seppi, a 19-year-old from Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey, upset Terry Alberda by 17 points in Tuesday’s election, according to The College Review.

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A recent Egg Harbor Township High School graduate ran against an incumbent board member after the Egg Harbor Township School District decided to limit most of its students to an online-only or hybrid learning model in the 2021 school year.

Sappi won 4,042 of Alberta’s 2,830 votes, in a nonpartisan election, with 100 percent of the vote counted.

However, even if the polls themselves are nonpartisan, it’s clear where the young candidate’s sympathies lie.

“Seppi’s Instagram profile painted the picture of a very patriotic young man, with posts of American flags, gratitude for the military, Mount Rushmore and the U.S. Constitution,” the college’s Matthew Wilson reported in the Fix.

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“His election platform rests on his commitment to representing the best interests of students, as well as his positions.”

It is also worth noting that Sippy served as a student representative on the school board during the 20-20 school year.

In a statement to College Fix, Seppi said the closures, which began in March of 2020, were “terrifying.”

He added that he “decided to give up his desire to serve. [his] Community” and “Give voice to parents in the district. “

On his plans for the district, Sippy promised to focus on civic and vocational training classes.


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Seppi’s 17-point victory represented two trends on election night: New Jersey’s unrest and education being top of voters’ minds.

In the Garden State, incumbent Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy held on to his seat, although the margin of victory was nowhere near what was originally expected.

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