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10 shows like Succession: What to watch if you’re hooked on the HBO drama


Succession has been a huge hit ever since it premiered. on HBO in 2018. The show is an appointment, and for good reason. One of the best series on TV. But if you’re looking for a show like Succession that you can check out while you wait for new episodes, it might be hard to beat.

Heir to the Throne follows the Rai clan, a family of poor rich kids who struggle from a strict father to a family media tycoon. The show feels like all the wrongs in the world are wrapped up in one privileged family. And it’s still pretty cool to see somehow (black).

So, what programs can run like Succession? Between family feuds, the tyranny of the rich, and power struggles, there are quite a few American streaming services to choose from. Continue reading for our top 10 recommendations.

Demonstration of Succession

Yellow stone

Yellowstone seems to be one after the other.

is defined as the red state factorial by the sound, Yellowstone definitely has some major points that overlap with the HBO series. Van der Wurf pointed out some notable plot similarities (but the show premiered around the same time, so nobody’s to blame). It includes blunt heads of wealthy families, a group of squabbling would-be heirs, and even some supporting players who bear a striking resemblance to Tom and Cousin Greg from Succession.

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However, there are several important differences. Kevin Costner plays John Dutton, a sixth-generation farmer who manages the largest ranch in the United States. His responsibilities include rogue politicians, dangerous rivals and several murders.


Billions seem to follow.

Perhaps the most referenced show like Succession, Billions is playing on the same pitch as a bunch of horribly rich people who obviously do bad things. Succession is a family drama, but Blaine’s focuses more on legal intrigue. US Attorney Chuck Rhodes works slowly and tirelessly to build an insider trading case for legendary hedge fund billionaire Bobby Axelrod. The two men play an elaborate game of cat and mouse, trying to outwit each other at every turn.

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Of course, there are family conflicts. Especially since Rhodes’ wife works for Axelrod’s company and has no plans to torpedo her career in the name of her husband’s temple.

Jewel of justice

Good jewelry looks like an heirloom.

Are HBO programs about elderly fathers who want their children to inherit a successful family business? It looks like an inheritance. It will also premiere in 2019 and return for a second season in January.

Created by funnyman Danny McBride, the show follows the story of a family of television evangelists who run a successful megachurch and live a life of luxury. Despite all the success, the family is ridiculously dysfunctional, and each adult child competes for their father’s love and respect.

White lotus

The white lotus appears one after the other.

If you look to Succession for the pleasure of watching the decadently rich behave badly, Baccarion may be right…

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