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10 best karaoke apps for Android

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Karaoke is a popular activity. People go to bars and sing and enjoy their favorite songs. This is also possible at home. However, the process is a bit more complicated. Fortunately, smartphones can help fill this gap. You may still need speakers, etc., but your phone works perfectly as a karaoke device. Here are the best karaoke apps for Android. These are also the best free karaoke apps because almost all karaoke apps have a free version.

Also, Google Maps (Google Play) gets honorable mention. It can be used to find a karaoke bar or a place that sells karaoke equipment. It’s different from the list’s purpose, but it’s an obvious choice for those looking for a karaoke spot nearby. Karaoke Version (link) sells backing tracks for countless songs for $2.99. You can download it and use it in your karaoke settings.
The best karaoke app for Android


Price: Free / $4.00

BackTrackIt is another type of karaoke app. It is for musicians who play musical instruments technically. You can set up your track, let the app delete some devices, and try playing it yourself. This is one of the many features of this app. You can also jam to random accompanying tracks, test key changes, and make music slower or faster so you can play at your own pace. We always try to include wild cards in our list and that’s it.


Price: Free / $6.99 per week / $8.99 per month

KaraFun is a simple karaoke app. It contains songs from many real artists. All you have to do is select the song you want and sing it. The app also records you as you sing so you can listen to it again later. Other features include Chromecast support, multiple vocal tracks, offline mode, and a favorites feature to quickly find your favorite songs. They offer a weekly subscription and are very expensive. If you try the free version and then use this version, we recommend using the monthly subscription fee.


MiXit Screenshot 2021

Credit: Which Hindi / Android Authority

Price: Free / $6.49 per month / $64.99 per year

MiXiT is a karaoke app with social elements. There are many hits from different artists. You can sing, record, and even take videos of singing songs. It also allows you to upload your own music and sing directly using the app’s mute feature. You need speakers or something to throw a party, but it works as expected. Monthly subscriptions are also significantly lower than many of our competitors.


Musixmatch screenshot

Credit: Which Hindi / Android Authority

Price: Free / $4.99 per month / $45.99 per year

Musixmatch is a great option for a DIY karaoke setup. The app basically finds the lyrics of any song and allows you to scroll through the lyrics while the song is playing. This is a great app for setting up a home karaoke room. It also syncs with Spotify, YouTube, Pandora, Apple Music and other services to stream lyrics as…

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