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10 best digital wellbeing apps for Android

Digital Detox The best digital wellness app for Android

Digital wellness is a hot topic these days. The idea is that we spend too much time on our smartphones, which is detrimental to our real life. When people neglect responsibility, neglect health, and spend too much time on social media, their brains become sticky. Digital wellness works by revealing your usage habits, so you can cut back a little. Some apps even prevent them from being used, so you can put your phone down and actually live your life. Other people will point you in the right direction to develop better habits. This list includes both.

Best Digital Wellness Apps for Android:

Action Dash Screenshot 2021

ActionDash works like Google’s Digital Wellbeing. The main focus of the app is to display screen time across different apps, encourage them to reduce screen time, and display other usage statistics. Locking the app when the user instructs will help. You can also identify apps that leave too many notifications and consider turning them off.

The app wants to make it look like a game which reduces it by showing statistics. Reducing your stats means you spend less time on your phone and more time on more important tasks. A good foundation and a great way to reduce screen time.

Digital detox

Price: free

Digital Detox takes on a challenge by introducing the concept of digital wellness. There are various challenge modes you can activate to help reduce screen time. Use Device Administrator privileges to limit how often you use your phone and how long you use your phone. Apps use accountability to keep users honest. Of course you can turn it off and ignore everything if you want, but that’s not the point. Yes?

You can start small and gradually break your phone addiction with several difficulty levels.


Price: Free / $5.00

Digitox works a bit like ActionDash. Shows statistics based on usage, along with things like time spent in a given app. You can better understand your habits and what you need to cut back on to use your phone in a healthier way. The app also allows you to set a timer for use and provide an alert when it occurs.

Since your smartphone is a productivity tool, the app also counts your productivity time when answering emails or working on Office apps. It’s a decent overall solution that’s compatible with Action Dash.

the forest

Price: Free with in-app purchases

Forest Screenshot 2021 2

Forests are a little different. Focus timer. Basically you open the app, set the timer and put your phone down. Set a timer and the app will grow a tree. If you check the phone during the timer, the tree dies and you have to start over.

The app includes multiple timer modes, reminders to put your phone down, and statistics to see how well you’re doing. It doesn’t track traditional digital wellness stats like other apps. But it adds to the act of not using the phone, which is a neat premise.

Google Family Link

Price: free

Google Family Link Best Spy App for Android

Google Family Link is one of the best digital wellness apps…

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